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Making Sense of Data Disclosures: Leveraging Context in Design

In order for people to trust the apps and websites they use every day, they have to feel both informed about the choices available to them regarding their data and empowered to make those choices. Which is why it’s important for the designers of online apps and services to focus not only on what they disclose to their audience about their data use practices, but also when that information is disclosed in the first place. Our third Lens - “Leveraging Context In Design” explores this concept and provides some useful frameworks and models for UX designers who want to experiment with using context in their flows.

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Build to think: developing a prototype-first mindset

Just as the digital revolution has put mobile phones and digital apps in our pockets, it's also given us an unprecedented ability to create.


New World, New Digital Possibilities

Since 2017, TTC Labs has held dozens of ‘Design Jam’ workshops around the world, bringing together product makers, privacy advocates, policy experts and members of the public to create design solutions that help people control their data and privacy. It’s been an immense collaborative effort, but 2020 has presented us with new challenges, as well as new ways of engaging people.

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Making products for policymaking: the value of user experience

Calls to make public policy more ‘agile’ through innovation spaces, design thinking or policy labs are omnipresent. But these initiatives frequently remain siloed, without the required strategic momentum for an experience-led policy design at scale. We can find inspiration in product development processes, which hint at how policymaking approaches might be reinvented.


Designing Design Jams

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The Data Innovation Stream: an innovation catalyst for Startups

Foodvisor is a French startup that joined the 2018 season of Facebook's Paris-based incubator Startup Garage and their team took part in the Data Innovation Program led by TTC Labs on a 3-month program to improve the design, transparency and control of personal data in digital products.


Why Law Needs Design


Why privacy policies are falling short...

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Designing for meaningful consent

Thinking about questions around trust, transparency and control very quickly brings us to the idea of consent. That's because ethically (and, in many places around the world, legally), getting someone's consent is often an important step in processing people’s personal data.


Making space for surprises


Content strategy: the power of words


Collaboration is key to designing digital experiences we can trust

All over the world, laws and regulation have been designed to safeguard our trust in the internet.

Well, that’s not strictly true. These pieces of legislation have not been designed at all. They have been debated, drafted, refined and published - but never designed. Does that matter? Well, yes it does. A lot.

TTC Labs is a cross-industry effort to create innovative design solutions that put people in control of their privacy.

Initiated and supported by Facebook, and built on collaboration, the movement has grown to include hundreds of organisations, including major global businesses, startups, civic organisations and academic institutions.