Building better relationships between digital services and the people who use them.


Behaving with openness, honesty and clarity throughout the user experience.


Empowering people to be in full control of their data.


Data education for business and audiences
22nd Jan 2019
Facebook, Data education for business and audiences
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Data for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
6th Mar 2019
National Union Building, Washington, Data for gender equality and SDG5
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Trust, transparency and control
8th Mar 2017
The Private Roof Club, Berlin
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Buenos Aires - Bizfeed - Hero
A transparent and editable recommendation profile
Buenos Aires - Friendlee - Hero
Offering people real control over their personal information
Buenos Aires - Ditto - Hero Image
Using conversation to offer a range of consent options


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Making products for policymaking: the value of user experience
Verena Kontschieder
Design, Policy & Innovation practitioner & Researcher
Foodvisor Team
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Building trustworthy products: a business opportunity
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