Building better relationships between digital services and the people who use them.


Behaving with openness, honesty and clarity throughout the user experience.


Empowering people to be in full control of their data.


Data awareness and AI for social good in practice
10th Jul 2019
Facebook, Hyderabad
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Working on prototype
Accessibility and trust in Fintech
19th Sep 2019
Facebook, Bangalore
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Algorithmic transparency
5th Nov 2019
Convene, Washington
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Nudging towards healthier data relationships
Empowering co-creation through a digital voice assistant
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Motivate young people to protect their privacy


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Here’s how we can design a humanity centric digital economy together
Nathan Kinch
Co-founder and CEO, Greater Than X and creator of Data Trust by Design
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Making products for policymaking: the value of user experience
Verena Kontschieder
Design, Policy & Innovation practitioner & Researcher
Foodvisor Team
The Data Innovation Stream: an innovation catalyst for Startups
TTC Labs
Innovation Lab