Building better relationships between digital services and the people who use them.


Behaving with openness, honesty and clarity throughout the user experience.


Empowering people to be in full control of their data.


FB training 12-12-2019-- byKIRSTENVANSANTEN-95
Algorithmic transparency
12th Dec 2019
The Playing Circle, Amsterdam
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Working on prototype
Accessibility and trust in Fintech
15th Nov 2019
Facebook, Bangalore
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DSC 7385
Algorithmic transparency
5th Nov 2019
Convene, Washington
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Strengthening Relationships with Influencers Through Visual Explanations
Infofed-hero 01
Increased Transparency for Thai Users Through Localized Consent Notifications
Halosis-Screen 02
Helping Social Sellers Understand AI Data Collection


India_Future of Data Sharing Jam_Hero
Designing for the Future of Data Sharing in India, Design Jams 2020
Robin Dhanwani
Product Designer and Founder Parallel Labs - @parallel_hq
Data Sharing_Context Questions
Making Sense of Data Disclosures: Leveraging Context in Design
Dr. Dan Hayden
Data Strategist, Facebook
New World, New Digital Possibilities
Martin Brown
Visual Design Lead, Craig Walker