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It’s impossible to talk about digital services today without talking about data. We talk constantly about the pros and cons, the dangers and benefits... but do we talk enough about what data actually is?

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Consider data education as an integral part of your users’ experience

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“I put all my pictures on Facebook so my friends will see. If they’re private, then no one will see them... what’s the point?”

The primary experience can easily break when educational messages are simply bolted on. Embedding information in context means it can be accessed if it is relevant without disrupting the main experience.

For example, the default of managing settings on a service or brand level is blunt and abstract. When educational information can be accessed in-line with the content, people can quickly find relevant settings and information without disrupting the main experience.

Clearly explain the benefits of data sharing

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“I know I could do a lot more on Facebook, but it all seems complicated and I’m fine with just seeing photos.”

In most cases, there are trade-offs to consider before people can decide if and how they want to share their data. To make sense of unfamiliar digital experiences, people often rely on real-life contexts as a point of reference for what terms seem fair and reasonable.

As opposed to people accessing data settings on a service level, they can be tied to different use cases to make the rationale behind the data use easier to understand.

Demonstrate the effect with previews and visualisation. To be able to weigh whether to share or withhold their data, people want to understand the consequences of their options. One way of doing this is by showing people how their decisions affect their user experience, for example with a preview of content that is available only when data is shared.

New Delhi Design Jam: Data transparency and notification

TTC Labs has been researching data education and awareness.

We are bringing together industry, policymakers, regulators and civil society to generate applied insights and principles.

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