These design prototypes demonstrate how Design Jam participants have designed for trust, transparency and control.

Putting people in control of their content and data
Enabling data control in context
Making feedback a fair, and fun, exchange
Growing the experience of your AI assistant
Making matches that make sense
Asset 4 (1)
Enabling levels of learning
Healthy teeth
Building trust in digital health diagnostics
Acclaim Banner
Using AI to help people control sensitive associations
FinWizr Cover
Addressing financial anxiety with visual illustrations
Explainability through voice and video content
2. Story - 2 (1)
Educating people on the value of data access in a digital experience
A voice assistant that gives people more control over their data
Bae Level 01@2x
Creating transparent tools to help people find their perfect match
Improving feedback to enhance the ad experience
totes main@2x
A personal shopper that gives back control
Bizzfeed Feed 04@2x
Designing a customized news experience with data privacy in mind
Loco Discover 01@2x
Giving people simple visual tools to manage their data
Empowering co-creation through a digital voice assistant
List complete
Motivate young people to protect their privacy
Lemon Screen 01@2x (2)
Using age verification to create a safe digital ecosystem
Loco Screen 03@2x
Encourage honesty by verifying age
Friendlee Feed@2x
Nudging towards healthier data relationships
Mood based data use settings
Artboard Copy 5
Developing balanced digital habits over time
Using experiential mechanisms for age verification
iPhone Example
Balancing individual freedom with parental responsibilities
pasted image 0 (10)
A responsive and evolving approach to age appropriate interactions
Giving control back to teens
ViDi HD Light 3
Understanding how data shapes personalised feeds
Relying on familiar UI to explain predictive AI
Personalised recommendations on chat platforms
Giving readers control over how past behaviour shapes future experience
Demystifying biometric data use
Offering tailored experiences while minimising data requests
Tailored data controls on messaging platforms
Demo Permissions
Explaining the financial value exchange around data
Designing a visual consent flow for people with low literacy
Managing data conversion for late registrations
Post-purchase account creation on chat platforms
Turning consent into an experience
iPhone Example (2)
Making parental control less invasive & more educational
image (1)
Reviewing data use preferences & permissions over time
Creating safe and trustworthy cross-device health apps
Providing a comforting experience through thoughtful data requests
Ditto group
Providing contextual experiences through voice-activated controls
Privacy controls for home rentals
Buenos Aires - Bizfeed - Hero
A transparent and editable recommendation profile
Buenos Aires - Friendlee - Hero
Offering people real control over their personal information
Buenos Aires - Vidi - Hero
Offering location sharing controls in live-streaming situations
Buenos Aires - Ditto - Hero Image
Using conversation to offer a range of consent options
Buenos Aires - MiCasa - Hero
Dealing with sensitive information in a reassuring way
Singapore Design Jam Friendlee Hero
Relationship-based location sharing
Singapore Design Jam Vidi Hero
Providing parents with controls to keep their child safe online while encouraging self-expression
ask ditto singapore
Allowing for seamless case-by-case review parental control
Bringing everyday transparency to voice-based interfaces
Ayr Sing
Visualising the value exchange between aggregated and personal data sets
Tale Gesture-gif
Communicating consent through physical gestures and speech
SafeRide hero image
Designing location tracking for multiple parties
suppakeyframes@2x sing
Letting people have the final check in their digital mirror
Rewarding people for sharing their data in a modular way
Enabling elderly people to feel confident about sharing their data
Making data controls more human
Making permissions between parent and teen in an engaging way
Friendlee Copy
Providing consent within a group scenario
Live video consent between teens and parents
Friendlee London2018 DataStory
Designing with change in mind
Loco London2018 ShareWorld
Giving granular controls for sharing
Garms London2018 4Garms Thumbprint
A model for parent-child trust online
Oink London2018 3-Offers recommendations
Educating people about how their data is used
Tivi London2018 5-mum is asked permission
Enabling flexible permissions for teens
Waytogo London2018 5 safe mode
Empowering teens with granular location control
Mapstr Paris2017 TTCplatform4
Taking a human approach to building trust
Karos Paris2017 01new
Building trust inside and outside apps
Onecub Paris2017 Granular tags
Building your own personal privacy policy
Oink Dublin set your goal
Building people's trust over time
Kin Dublin2017 Main
Taking a layered approach to personal data
Fanfare Dublin2017 Main
Building powerful narratives around value exchange
Chariot Dublin2017 time based consent
Minimising data usage while trialing services
Fanfare SaoPaulo2018 - yesno
Explaining value exchange during sign-up
Chariot SaoPaolo2017 Main
Building time-efficient privacy controls
Munchbox SaoPaulo2017 Home
A playful approach to privacy
Oink SaoPaolo2017 CreateAccount
Building a relationship through personal data
OSSetup Brussels2017 Cookies7
Taking control in the operating system
TheGlobe Brussels2017 Subscription01
Making cookies transparent
Cookietimeline Brussels2017 - last used
Controlling cookies everywhere
Jam Brussels2017 6jam
Playful privacy settings