TTC Labs - Dealing with sensitive information in a reassuring way

Dealing with sensitive information in a reassuring way

Buenos Aires
4th Dec 2018

How can we communicate data use around sensitive and personal information in a reassuring way, allowing people to understand the value exchange and benefits at play?

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Product Context

MiCasa is an online marketplace where people can lease their own homes to travellers.

In order to provide this service, MiCasa is powered by some of the following data:

  • To host or stay with MiCasa you must verify your identity. MiCasa does this using a third party service which requires photo of an approved ID such as a passport or driving licence.
  • MiCasa uses a host and guest rating system to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all. Both parties may rate each other after a trip. Your rating may impact the likelihood of a guest selecting your accommodation, the likelihood of a host accepting your reservation or may result in MiCasa terminating access to the service.
  • MiCasa profiles your usage behaviour including accommodation your view and your booking history to enable them to provide better recommendations and gather insights on what travellers prefer.
Buenos Aires - MiCasa - Hero

Problem & Opportunity

People are concerned about their privacy, especially when it comes to highly sensitive information. How can we communicate why this information is needed and reassure people when they're uploading analog-based sensitive data to a platform (such as an ID or a passport).

How might we... better with analog-based sensitive data

Design Features
Information safety

When personal information is required to provide a safer service, putting this information forward is a straightforward way to communicate the value exchange to people.

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Next steps

How might we build on Mi Casa's ideas to:

  • Demonstrate value exchange of anonymised, shared data sets
  • Visualising positive impact of aggregated data sets
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