TTC Labs partners

TTC Labs regularly partners with product makers, policy advisors and data regulators working to solve problems of trust, transparency and control.

We've worked with experts from over 150 organisations at our global Design Jams.

Craig Walker

Craig Walker is a design studio specialising in strategic, service and data design. Based in Australia and Singapore, they are working with TTC Labs at Facebook's Startup Station Singapore, which features a first-of-its-kind regulatory sandbox for data-driven innovation.

Smart Design

Smart Design a global design and innovation agency. They helped Meta and TTC Labs to bring together teens, parents/guardians, academics, regulators and civil society to uncover product-relevant insights and principles around parental supervision, teen autonomy and social media education.


Normally is a data product and service design studio. A small but highly experienced team of hybrid interaction designers who use design to solve complex problems, to discover new products and services and to craft delightful user experiences. And they are on a mission to understand the meaning and value of data and what it means to use data as a design material.

Normally are core design partners for TTC Labs. They have been part of every global Design Jam to date and have helped us to build this amazing site.

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Meaningful is a strategic design and research studio based in Paris. They helped build out the Design for Data Innovation program as part of the Startup Garage incubator, supporting startups to reach compliance and design for better trust, transparency and control. They engage with startups participating in our Design Jams by helping to facilitate UX research, prototype development and UX testing.

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Aerolab is a design studio building products and tools for digital transformation. Based in Buenos Aires, They are partnering with TTC Labs to run Design Jams in Latin America with them aim of fostering trust, transparency and control with startups and industry.


Livework Studio is a global service design consultancy that helps companies from all economy sectors to become more relevant and profitable through projects that put people at the center. This involves understanding that Transparency and Control are essential for digital services that rely on Trust to build better relations with customers and to fullfill its social responsibility. Livework are a regional partner for TTC Labs in Latin America.