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Growing the experience of your AI assistant

12th Dec 2019

Voice assistants can provide great value by linking with services to give people algorithmically-driven personalised recommendations for health and well-being. But, if those services and recommendations are related to the healthcare, then these services need to clearly demonstrate fair value exchange to people providing access to such sensitive personal data.

Product Context

Ditto is a voice assistant available through smart speakers and mobile apps and can be used to control music, manage calendars, make online orders. Over the last year, Ditto has realized that people are using their voice assistant to answer a myriad of questions around health and lifestyle so they decided to add new features.

Ditto integrates with a wide range of services and tools to bring new health data sources into the app and build its knowledge about the person using the service. This enables Ditto to gain insight into health habits and make tailored recommendations and suggestions for people about their health and well-being.


Problem & Opportunity

To create great tailored health recommendations, Ditto needs input from various data sources. The challenge for Ditto is to engage people to link services and devices to their Ditto smart assistant when that was not the original intent of the app.

How might we...

...engage people to input the right amount of data or personal information into the smart voice assistant

Design Features
Connecting new data sources

Ditto enables people to add different services to build a more detailed health profile. When listing potential services to add, it allows people to see how connecting different types of services - from Apple Watch data to a government service like the National Health Service in the UK - supports building their profile. The app visualises how adding new data improves the accuracy of the intelligence, resulting in better recommendations for them and others.

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Design Features
Being informed and regulating the value exchange

When adding a service to Ditto a person is informed of the value exchange offered by linking this service to their account. They can access and customise if they want to exercise more fine grained control over the data that will be shared between services.

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Next steps

For detailed personal health advice Ditto can explore how to balance human vs AI generated inferences - allowing people to get a humanised recommendation developed by AI. Especially when it comes to more sensitive topics around health, a human view can be important for people to gain confidence in the advice offered. This would create a hybrid between human and digital intelligence benefitting from the intelligence of both optimally.

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