TTC Labs - Strengthening Relationships with Influencers Through Visual Explanations

Strengthening Relationships with Influencers Through Visual Explanations

5th Oct 2020

Ecomobi is a leading Social Selling Platform in South East Asia. Through their innovative online platform, they connect brands to the right customers via their diverse community of social influencers, called “Social Sellers”. Effectively, this provides their customers with direct channels for sales on all leading social networks. Their established community of influencers can create content and introduce products directly to the right customers. They have also introduced innovative solutions to help Brands interact with and collect insights into their customer base through Chatbots.

Product Context

For the Design Jam, Ecomobi chose to focus on the onboarding experience for the customer base of social influencers. Ecomobi’s goal was to build trust by providing transparency about what data is collected, why it is collected and how it helps Ecomobi build a better experience for the social influencers.


Problem & Opportunity

As the goal for the Design Jam was building trust with their customers, the Ecomobi team spent time looking at all the data that is collected during the onboarding experience. The design conversations were anchored in the feedback the Ecomobi team had collected from social influencers over the past couple of months. This feedback had pointed the Ecomobi team to look at the interactions that were causing their customers to feel unsure about their relationship with Ecomobi.

During the Design Jam, the team revisited the onboarding process — rethinking it entirely to focus on providing clarity by minimizing the data collection and being upfront about why it was being collected in the first place.

How might we...

...create an onboarding experience that builds trust with users?

Design Features
The people who use the service

Being a platform that connects Brands to customers via a network of social influences, Ecomobi’s customers fall in all these three categories. For the Design Jam, Ecomobi focussed on looking at the concerns of their influencer customer base. The persona below was created to represent a social seller who is just about to be onboarded to the platform.

Name: Van Anh

Age range: 20 - 30

Persona: Social Seller Van Anh is a Micro-influencer who is famous for sharing content about beauty & cosmetics.

Review topics: Beauty & cosmetics

Social channels: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram

Audience: 20.000 – 100.000 (subscribers)

Van Anh learnt about Ecomobi when she was approached directly by Ecomobi via social media campaigns. She hasn’t really heard of Ecomobi, so we have introduced the platform to her and she wants to check out the platform before she makes a decision to join.

Design Features
The data being used

Ecomobi uses data from their social influencers to match them with the right Brands:

Audience interests: Information about the key topics that the influencer’s audience is interested in helps create connections to the right brands. This information is compared against the requirements from various brands to create appropriate matches.

Audience location: Geographic information about their audience is crucial to match the right brands with the right audience. This information is used to channel products from brands to the customers in the appropriate and valid locations.

Audience age range: Information about the audience age groups helps make sure the effectiveness of their sales platform. By using this information, Ecomobi helps brands get higher chances of being presented to the right audience.

All this data is used to potentially increase the social influencers chances to generate business through the Ecomobi platform.

Design Features
Key features of the prototype

Value first

The onboarding flow of the app was turned completely on its head. Leading with why users got interested in the platform in the first place, Ecomobi designed a flow that presented the key value of the platform up front. When the users begin their exploration, they are presented with the brands that they can connect with via the platform — with minimal collection of information.

Less is more

The Ecomobi team re-evaluated the data being collected during the sign-up process and honed in on the data that was really needed and even rethought the level of granularity that it was actually needed in. We got rid of all unnecessary personal information about the social influencers and turned the focus to information about their audience — which is what the platform actually needs. Questions about specifics like Date of Birth were replaced by age-ranges. Reducing the level of detail and granularity of the data that was asked for to the minimum necessary level needed to create value and fulfill our services — we reduced our liability and lowered the reasons for concerns in our users as well.

Design Features
Prototype screens

1. The first screen states the value proposition for the social influencers in a clear and concise manner

2. Presenting clearly what the information they provide will be used for — still tied to the main value proposition.

3. Showing the brands that match the social influencers audience. This presents the user with a clear benefit and helps them with the decision to proceed before asking for any more personal information.

Design Features

4. An account creation which asks for the bare-minimum information needed to identify the user on the platform.

  • Your name: is necessary to address users in some screens and important for brands to choose right influencer
  • Email: We use this email to create a unique account for you. This email will be your account ID and you will use it to log in to the platform.

5. Only the minimum amount of data that the platform actually uses is asked for. Data about the users audience is collected to find the most relevant brands for them.

6. Wrapping up the flow with clear information on what the user can expect next.