TTC Labs - Communicating consent through physical gestures and speech

Communicating consent through physical gestures and speech

14th Nov 2018

Consent isn't always a binary choice. Using the smartphone's camera and audio we can explore more nuanced consent through interpreting real physical gestures and speech.

Tale Gesture
Product Context

Tale is a fun augmented reality story-telling game app which connects people to ephemeral media created by people challenging each other through videos.

In order to provide this service, Tale is powered by some of the following data:

  • Facial recognition technology to provide filters and augmented reality effects. The faces captured are used to train the Tale algorithm.
  • Background location is used to store a record of places you frequently visit to enable them to notify you of custom AR content available nearby.
  • Tale content is visible for 24 hours and is shared with the group you select for each post.
Tale Gesture

Problem & Opportunity

Provide value through consent in a natural, and culturally appropriate way that mirrors the tone and values of the app. How can we engage with the user on first time use by communicating consent through conversation, physical gestures and speech?

How might we...

...... make consent more conversational

Singapore Design Jam
Design Features
Making consent more conversational

Building consent through a conversational journey. In this screen the app asks for access to the camera and allows the user to respond with voice. This could lead to more explanatory information flows if the user was respond with “I don't know” or “Why do you need access to the camera?”.

Tale conversational
Design Features
Communicating consent with physical gestures

Communicating consent with physical gestures and movement, allowing consent to be more nuanced. Shrugging your shoulders or raising eyebrows could lead to flows to give the users more information, whilst nodding for yes or no would give or deny access to the app.

Tale Nod Gesture
Design Features
Communicating the app values with ephemeral data

In keeping with the tone of the app, the consent options could also allows the user to choose how long they want the data to be kept. This is in keeping with the ephemeral stories within the app and also allows the user to respond with voice or gestures.

Tale Store data
Next steps

How might we build on Tale's ideas to:

  • Explore further the thinking around gesture based consent and what this could mean in different cultures
  • Develop the idea of ongoing consent, how would this consent work after using the app for a longer period of time
How might we build on Tale's ideas