TTC Labs - Designing location tracking for multiple parties

Designing location tracking for multiple parties

14th Nov 2018

SafeRide is an added service for parents or guardians to provide additional safety & trust in letting their children use taxi services.

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Product Context

Chariot is a high-end car service for those who expect a level of comfort and class on the move.

In order to provide the service, Chariot is powered by some of the following data:

  • Location data to connect people to their nearest car
  • Journey history for both drivers and passengers are tracked and stored for the safety & security of both parties
  • Chariot shares aggregated trip information to traffic data authorities
SafeRide hero image

Problem & Opportunity

It is difficult to balance the desire for trust and reassurance from parents when minors are starting to take rides on their own with the minor's own privacy. And how do we create increased trust for parents and guardians without creating more work or worries for them?

How might we...

..... help parents and guardians ensure their children ride with drivers they can trust while protecting the minor's privacy?

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Design Features
Verified drivers for specific needs

Rather than putting all the responsibility on parents and carers to vet drivers, Chariot created a specific verification program called 'SafeRide'. This includes drivers that are vetted by other parents/guardians and minors that took rides. Having this special verified status would also see drivers understand and agree to a higher level of tracking by not only the minor and also their parent/guardian. The verified status creates transparency for additional data gathering and provides access to a new market for drivers.

Verified drivers for specific needs
Design Features
Visual patterns to verify data

When minors get a 'verified' driver from the SafeDrive program it is essential that they board the right car. A visual pattern on the minor's app and an equivalent a matching pattern on the driver's app on the dashboard creates an instant visual recognition that ensures that the minor is getting into the right cab.

Visual patterns to verify data
Next steps

Designing for the relationship between minors and their parents is complicated and involves issues of transparency and trust in an area where 'who is in control' is more ambiguous than when dealing with adults. These are important issues that need tackling as digital services become more indispensable in everyday life and minors will need to use them in order to function fully in our society.

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