TTC Labs - Privacy controls for home rentals

Privacy controls for home rentals

Mexico City
14th May 2019

MiCasa provides relevant information and controls to establish a safe online presence when renting homes.

Product Context

MiCasa is an online marketplace where people can lease their own homes to travelers.

In order to provide the service, MiCasa is powered by some of the following data:

  • 3rd party service (to verify ID)
  • Ratings
  • Booking history
  • Browsing history

Problem & Opportunity

Sofia is a tech savvy user who highly values privacy. She likes to use new services but is aware of when she's asked for information and likes to know why and what it's used for. She wants to put her home up for rent on MiCasa and wants to ensure this is the right service for her according to her data concerns.

How might we...

......Create tools to protect & educate people when prompting them for information?

eventofacebook -292

Team MiCasa presenting their prototype

Design Features
Safely trading with strangers

Micasa provides an option to create a public-facing nickname instead of using the real name that’s used for identity verification. This simple privacy by default feature enhances the feeling of safety on the platform for Sofia, which is key when trading with strangers.

Design Features
Contextual privacy tips reinforcing product strengths

Throughout the experience, consistent question mark icons allow Sofia to access additional information about how her data will be used. This not only reinforces transparency across the app but allows for Micasa to surface key aspects of its service, such as providing a secure platform.

Next steps

How might we... make privacy by design a competitive advantage?