Addressing financial anxiety with visual illustrations

15th Nov 2019
For even the best investments, there may be short term fluctuations in value. It's important that services provide accurate and honest information about their investments to people, but it's also important that any fluctuations don't needlessly scare them.
Product Context

Finwizr is an investing platform that helps people compare, analyse and invest in mutual funds. People can also monitor their investment portfolio on the app.

Problem & Opportunity

People constantly checking the app to monitor their investments can result in financial anxiety as well as they might lose trust in the service or their investment. Multiple concerned people checking the app all the time can also put a great deal of load on the servers, reducing the quality of service for everyone.

It is Finwizr’s responsibility here to address this financial anxiety and educate people on fluctuations in value without misleading them.

How might we...

...ease people into understanding without causing anxiety or misleading them?

Design Features
Increase explainability through a relatable analogy

People’s understanding of investments is pretty low and for people with lower literacy levels, it is an ever greater problem. The complexity of the subject as well as lack of understanding can cause people to interpret lack of knowledge as bad app experience.

Using a simple analogy to explain something like investment is a good way to ease people into understanding the product before they engage with the platform. This educates them as well as builds trust by empowering them with the right information.

FinWizr Cover
Design Features
Visuals to address financial anxiety

Financial anxiety is something a lot of people can relate to. Payment dates, taxes, savings; they are all words that cause people a lot of stress. You add investment on top of them and the anxiety doubles.

Addressing this anxiety is an important part of staying transparent and building trust. Relaying information like fluctuations in value can be replaced from red lines to visuals that are comforting to people.

4. Markets facing storm
Next steps

How Might We build on Finwizr’s ideas to:

  • provide live testimonials of customers who achieved their goals
  • auto-increase monthly investment based on people’s saving patterns
  • procvide a wallet solution to hold and grow money
  • give an udio read-out in a regional language?