Rewarding people for sharing their data in a modular way

21st Aug 2018
Creating a model that rewards people for sharing their data, and giving them real time control over their consent.
Product Context

Suppa is a food delivery service that allows people to order meals to be delivered to their home. Suppa collects and delivers the food from restaurants nearby.

In order to provide the service, Suppa is powered by some of the following data:

  • Suppa uses location data to connect people to the nearest restaurants
  • Suppa stores payment information for quick and easy digital payment. It can also use biometric data such as fingerprint or voice for authentication.
  • Suppa shares aggregated data from coupons with third party companies to provide additional revenue to the company.Order history is stored and used for recommendations and targeted ads and discounts.

Problem & Opportunity

People don't see the value exchange of sharing their information with a company or app and they don't have granular control over what they share. Could there be a model that rewards people for sharing their information and give them real-time control over their consent?

How might we...

...make people aware of the value exchange when sharing their data

Design Features
Up-front data slider

While setting up the app a slider UI guides people through the types of information that is being requested by the app and gives detailed information about why and also how it could benefit them. There is also an option to agree or disagree to this use and the ability to change this at any time after set-up.

Suppa consent slider
Design Features
Getting more features based on the amount of data being shared

In this prototype people see information about how busy the restaurant is, rough delivery times and discounts by sharing information such as their location, order history and also sharing aggregate data with third parties. This feature explores how we might give people a richer and more contextual user experience as they share more information while also allowing them to use the app without sharing data.

Suppa adaptvie features
Next steps

How might we build on Suppa’s ideas to:

  • Build on the concept of adaptive interfaces that are dependent on the information shared.
  • Show people the potential benefits to them of sharing information whilst allowing them option to opt out at any time.
  • Develop the idea around flexible consent and giving the user control to easily change their settings at any time