Offering people real control over their personal information

Buenos Aires
4th Dec 2018
Allow people to have visibility and real control over the use of their personal information.
Product Context

Friendlee is a social app that allows people to organise their friends into groups to share photos, videos, messages and attend events.

In order to provide this service, Friendlee is powered by some of the following data:

  • It requires people's location and contacts to ensure they are connected to their friends. Friendlee reminds people periodically about their use of contacts and location to provide their services.
  • It uses a content analysis algorithm (including natural language processing, image and facial recognition technologies) to determine the subject matter of posts and categorize them.
  • It relies on an algorithm to predict people's interests and suggest new groups and events they might want to join based on a combination of posting habits, connections and likes.

Problem & Opportunity

People care about their privacy but are often not sure what their information is used for. How can we educate people within the app about why their information is used, who is using it and what it's used for.

How might we...

...... answer the Who, What and Why about data use

Design Features
Inform people about ongoing changes to privacy

Rather than being relegated to one time upfront notices, privacy changes are notified through in-app updates. People can 'take a tour' to find out what is being used and why, allowing them to make informed consent decisions.

Buenos Aires - Friendlee - Feature 1
Design Features
Educate people about how their information is being used

Clear design and open language help people understand the value exchange at play when giving access to certain bits of their data.

Buenos Aires - Friendlee - Feature 2
Design Features
Give real controls in-app for informed decisions

Informed decisions are made possible through simple controls paired with clear explanation about how their choices might impact their experience.

Buenos Aires - Friendlee - Feature 3
Next steps

How might we build on Friendlee's ideas to:

  • Visualise data-use in more depth