TTC Labs - TTC Summit 2022 - Registration Now Open

TTC Summit 2022 - Registration Now Open

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Taja Naidoo

Privacy Public Policy Manager, TTC Labs

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The TTC Summit is back! This year on the 4th & 5th May we will be joined by some of the world's leading thinkers on AI to explore questions of trust, explainability and control. What does it mean for AI to be accountable, and what role can co-design play in achieving that goal?

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Through a combination of panel discussions, workshops and Lightning Talks from AI practitioners, policy makers, academics and civil society experts, we'll collaborate to find new paths forward towards transparent and trustworthy AI.

Sessions include: 

  • Panel Discussions on requirements around AI Transparency and Explainability in global regulation, AI Accountability principles and tools, lessons in explainability from startups, the concept of “control” in AI and how to harness co-design and education to ensure that AI is truly “explainable to all”.

  • Lightning Talks from Philips, Lloyds Bank, Meta and startups and The Newsroom

  • Workshops on Explainability tools from Google, AI Policy Experimentation from Demos Helsinki and building AI Chat Bots from Philips. 

This event is open to everyone, please sign-up and share the link! 

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Taja Naidoo

Privacy Public Policy Manager, TTC Labs , Meta

TTC Labs is a cross-industry effort to create innovative design solutions that put people in control of their privacy.

Initiated and supported by Meta, and built on collaboration, the movement has grown to include hundreds of organisations, including major global businesses, startups, civic organisations and academic institutions.