Our tool library contains over 20 guided activities including supporting materials and downloadable worksheets. It’s everything you need to plan and run your own event.


Put The Design Assets Together
Ahead of the Jam, prepare relevant tools, insightful documents & necessary assets to plan for a successful workshop.
Prepare the Material
Here's everything you need to design in advance for a successful Design Jam.


Introduce participants to the Design Jam concept, and explain the day's activities. Familiarise participants with design thinking methodologies.
Get Started
Creating and sharing ideas in a group can be intimidating. Set expectations and establish some rules to make everyone comfortable.


Set Roadmap
Prototypes are a great start, but they aren't a finished product. Now is the time to take them to the next step. Keeping trust, transparency and control in mind, set a roadmap for the development phase.
Test & Iterate
Define your objectives and choose the right type of tests to meet them. Capture insights and turn good designs to great ones.
Learn & Implement
Make it real! Build-in your new features & experience into your existing product and gather learnings for future designs to come.


Introduce the Design Jam concept to participants and familiarise everyone with design thinking methodologies regardless of their background.
Build Empathy
Keeping user needs front of mind should be a key principle of your Design Jam. Use these tools to understand your users and think of them when making design decisions.


Get Feedback
It can be difficult to know which ideas to move forward with. Let participants share ideas, and use group feedback to choose the best direction forward.
Make it Real
Bringing your ideas to life is an important step in any Design Jam. By building something tangible, participants will fully explore each concept and help others to understand it.
Your participants will generate a great number of ideas and concepts. Allow each team to present its big idea, and allow participants, stakeholders and experts to give feedback.