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Select and orientate experts

Invite subject matter experts who can empower participants using their unique set of experiences and expertise.

Select and orientate experts

Invite subject matter experts who can empower participants using their unique set of experiences and expertise.

What is it

Experts not only bring different perspectives to the Jam; their background in specific domains (e.g. legal, academic research, privacy design experitise etc.) helps participants design more innovative and feasible solutions. These thought leaders and practitioners can leverage their academic and professional experiences to enable participants to develop insights on how to approach their Jam challenges in fresh ways. This tool will help you identify experts and help them fulfill this critical role.

How to do it

1 Take inspiration from the agenda

Consider your Jam goal and theme (see Setting a goal) as you nominate potential experts. For example, if your Jam theme involves designing consent requests within a digital product, you should consider experts who can offer guidance on what consent currently looks like from a legal perspective.

2 Select experts

As a starting point, consider the following criteria to select experts:

  • Relevance to Jam theme: Is their expertise appropriate given the Jam goal and theme?
  • Public speaking experience: Do they have experience transmitting complex ideas to an audience in an understandable way?
  • Feasibility: Are they available? Can we afford to pay their fees? Are they located nearby? Is this person in my network?
  • Diversity: Will this person add a complementary or divergent voice to the Jam?

Then, gather information to help you apply the criteria and assess the experts.

3 Provide expert guidelines

Give the following presentation guidelines to the experts you have invited:

  • Share a framework: Frameworks can help make complicated ideas easier to understand. For example, an expert on designing privacy notices can introduce the framework below to break down the parts of an effective privacy notice. Framework select and orient experts Source: A Design Space for Effective Privacy Notices by Florian Schaub, Rebecca Balebako, Adam L. Durity and Lorrie Faith Cranor
  • Prepare case studies: Examples and stories can help make presentations more comprehensible and engaging. Ask experts to share relevant case studies, which can also be based on their personal experiences, to help illustrate the most important insights in their presentation.
  • End with provocations: Instruct experts to incorporate provocations into their presentation to make them livelier, more memorable and more inspiring. The participants may be asked to develop "How Might We's" during the presentation (see Identify opportunities), so ask experts to end with questions or statements over solutions to get the room talking.

What you will need

  • Presentation (PowerPoint/KeyNote or similar)

  • Projector or large monitor

This tool and any associated downloadable assets are provided under a

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike CC BY-SA 4.0 International License.

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