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Manage logistics

Ensure the smooth operation of your Jam using these space, materials and staff guidelines.

15 mins
60 mins

Manage logistics

Ensure the smooth operation of your Jam using these space, materials and staff guidelines.

15 mins
60 mins

What is it

The environment where a Jam takes place affects the quality of the experience of participants. Prepare the space, materials and staff requirements outlined in this tool to set the stage for creativity and collaboration.

How to do it

1 Assemble a team

Form a team of organisers. This will help spread logistical responsibilities, especially if you're expecting many participants. You will also need to invite facilitators who will manage the activities within teams. Keep them informed of the agenda as it evolves and brief them before the event.

2 Iterate the agenda

Hold a meeting to discuss the initial agenda (see Create an agenda). Go over this draft and align on the goal, theme, exercises to run, timing and people to involve with target headcounts.

3 Assign tasks

Transform the agenda into a set of tasks and distribute them amongst yourselves. For example, if you had identified the need for an internal stakeholder to sponsor the event, assign someone to nominate alternatives.

Then, download the Logistics checklist ↓, which is divided into three categories - space, materials and staff. Decide which considerations are relevant and distribute the tasks amongst yourselves.

4 Find a venue

Look for a Jam location that:

  • Is as echo-free as possible in order to hear speakers, team mates and presentations throughout the day
  • Has work areas with movable tables, mobile whiteboards and power outlets for each team over auditorium seating
  • Is brightly lit, ideally with natural light to keep people energised
  • Is spacious and on one level so people can move around easily
  • Has walls where participants can display materials
  • Has an audio-visual system (for groups larger than 25 people)
5 Agree on ways of working

Outline your Jam planning schedule and process, including key milestones and meeting times (e.g. weekly standing meetings). Define your preferred tools for internal collaboration and communication. For example, select a platform to share files (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive) and to communicate (e.g. Slack, email).

Download the materials used in this tool

This tool and any associated downloadable assets are provided under a

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike CC BY-SA 4.0 International License.

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