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Designing around personal data, a way to stand out from the crowd

Businesses face increased regulatory and public interest in their data practices and use. While people want more transparency and control around the data that businesses collect, there is also a substantial and understandable educational gap among consumers. Technology has developed quickly, and we can’t expect people to learn all of this overnight. This makes it difficult to effectively communicate data practices and value to people.

What if designing around data and explaining data concepts to people wasn’t a barrier for businesses, but a way to stand out from the crowd?

We brought together designers, product managers, industry peers and legal experts to develop ideas around data education within digital services. Building on the ideas developed by these experts, we’ve created a set of frameworks, tools and patterns to help support the work of the wider business and design community in developing potential solutions to data education and explaining data concepts to various audiences.

This report summarizes the challenges around data education and provides some initial approaches and patterns to address those challenges.

The design patterns described in this report were drawn from the interactive designs that were co-created on the day of the Data Education Design Jam by multidisciplinary teams that included advertisers, data brokers and agencies. By turning them into broader patterns we hope to stir further debate amongst the wider community.